Did Purple Send a Message at the State of the Union Address?

Tweet That was the question du jour on the morning after President Obama’s State of the Union address so I wasn’t surprised when Georgea Kovanis of the Detroit Free Press called me to get a bit of expert insight.Did the color send a message at the State of the Union address? “Color sends a message,’” […] Read more »

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Colorful Rajasthan: Jodhpur, the ‘Blue City’

Tweet I continue my exploration of the Colors of India with a stop in Jodhpur. Here a sea of aqua blue houses is beautifully juxtaposed against the dry browns of the desert that surrounds it. But beautiful blue is only one of the many colors that you will find in Jodhpur. Journey along with me […] Read more »

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Fall 2008 forecast: Orange crush

Tweet There are still 2 days left of the Fall 2008 New York fashion week and normally I like to wait till the last catwalk closes before I start writing about the color and style trends for the upcoming season. But the fact is I’ve spied my favorite color on so many runways already that […] Read more »

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Color: Messages & Meanings

Tweet Based on research and filled with hundreds of illustrations, color expert Leatrice Eiseman presents insights on color and emotion, shares how best to integrate these qualities into your work, insuring your intended message is communicated. Read more »

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Double bubble pink

Tweet When I think about Double Bubble, I instantly recall a pink chunk of gum and the enjoyment of chewing it until it was just right for blowing big bubbles. Then I’d carefully put my hands around the fragile bubble to protect it from friends who would rather see it explode all over my face […] Read more »

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