Raving about these roses

I was driving through a neighborhood in Georgetown last weekend when the sight of these roses caused me to come to a complete stop in the middle of the road…luckily no one was tailgating or it would have been ugly. I quickly came back to my senses and found a place to park so I could get out a closer look and snap a few pictures.

Against the gray green painted brick this palette of pinks, yellows, peaches and oranges just glowed in the early morning light.

These colors are a naturally harmonious, analogous palette.

The colors ranged from a pale flesh that was as soft as a newborns bottom to a vibrant coral that could easily be paired with a bold blue and lots of yellows, oranges and pinks in between.

Ten of the many hues that I found in these roses all growing on the same bush.

Even though it was barely 7am when I was snapping these pictures the owner happened to walk out the front door.  I complimented him on the spectacular colors and ask him if he could tell me what type of roses they were exactly.

He smiled and simply said, “I agree they are lovely but have no idea what they are.  My wife is the one that knows about plants and deserves all of the credit for these roses that are almost as beautiful as she is.”

Enough said.  I didn’t need to know any more.

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  1. Maria Killam says:

    I am a big fan of yellow and pink together these days! They are stunning, I can see why you stopped in your tracks!

  2. kim says:

    I think these are my favorite colors!! Thanks for the pit stop, so so pretty.

  3. Kate says:

    Funny, I’m loving pink and yellow together too lately more than ever, too Maria.

    Great colors for you Kim. I bet this combination in gemstones would be gorgeous.

  4. Grace says:

    These beauties are called Joseph’s Coat. I’ve planted them everywhere I’ve lived in because they are truly magical.

  5. Kate Smith says:

    Thanks for the name Grace. I plan to plant these in my own garden because I was so taken with the way they looked. The blend of colors is truly inspiring.

  6. aoumeur says:

    best color in the world you have beutiful i laked this color also

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