Colorful Spiral of Stained Glass Windows

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My Mantra For 2012

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What one thing do you want to do more of this year?

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Prima Colorful Ballerina


I think this dancer likes color as much as we do, don’t you?

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8 Ways To Make 2012 A Sensational Year

Wisdom sometimes comes from unusual places. The quote I chose to open 2012 with is a good example.  It comes from a comic on a site that is witty blend of romance, sarcasm, math and language.

This quote struck me as perfect way to kick off a brilliant, wildly fabulous, everything-you-ever-dreamed of New Year. I hope the words ring as true for you as they did for me as we ring in 2012.

Take Wrong TurnsTalk to strangers

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Dresden, Like A Phoenix From The Ashes…

Dresden was such a surprise. Until my visit to this ancient city last fall, I only connected Dresden to the destructive 1945 allied fire bombing which reduced the city to a heap of smoking ruble and killed thousands of civilians.

For centuries, Dresden, the pride of Saxony, had been a cultural and artistic center. With it’s spectacular mixture of Baroque architecture sitting on the banks of the Elbe river, the city was also called the “Florence of the North” – but all that was burnt to the ground.

After the war, Dresden found its self under communist rule, remaining impoverished and defaced for decades…

So, I was expecting a palette of sad grey avenues but instead I discovered a vibrant, beautiful city, in the throws of a true Renaissance.

Dresden is being restored to its original glory. Bright cheerful colors dominate town squares, ornate friezes and whimsical moldings embellish elegant buildings …the buzz of renewal is palpable.

However, the most unexpected and breathtaking monument is the Frauenkirche – the Church of Our Lady: Read more »

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