Lilly Pulitzer celebrates 50 years with A Colorful Cause

If someone were to ask me to close my eyes and think iconic summertime fashion colors… the palette of the Lilly Pulitzer brand would immediately come to mind.  Perhaps no other label encompasses the colors of ‘the American good life’ quite like Lilly does.  From Palm Springs to backyard BBQs, a touch of “Lilly”, as most fans refer to the label, is guaranteed to brighten up the event.

50 years ago the first Lilly shift dress debuted and quickly rose to fame thanks to fans like first lady Jackie Kennedy. Today the company and their signature colorful patterns are as strong and vibrant as ever.  And with the trend in fashion of mixing together ‘brights’ that is happening right now… it seems as if Lilly Pulitzer is perhaps at the top of her game once again.

And to help celebrate this incredible fashionable milestone, Lilly Pulitzer brand is putting their colors to a good cause.  Collaborating with 9 famous and stylish mothers, the company has created a limited edition collection with a portion of it’s proceeds to benefit EBMRF ( Epidermolysis Bullosa Medical Research Foundation). A foundations whose goal is to bring awareness and find a cure for this genetic, debilitating and life threatening disease.  This is a wonderful cause and a great reason to shop the Lilly collection!!!

Brooke, Gwyneth, Marcia, Bridget, Debra and more take a spin at being a Lilly designer

The collection has me ready to be sipping cocktails by the pool!  In fact just searching through their website had me feeling good vibes- after all how can you not love a pattern called ‘ I only count the happy hours’!

And If a full Lilly ensemble isn’t your thing… this limited edition scarf  may just be the right colorful touch for you ( and it doesn’t get much more ‘lilly-ish’ than this combo of pale yellow, bright pinks and greens! )

Lilly Pulitzer truly has become a ‘lifestyle’ brand -adding bedding, books, stationery, perfume, sunglasses and even a blog into the Lilly family.

I’ve been noticing some very “Lilly like” colors creeping into home as well… from Eileen Kathryn Boyd’s colorful living room at this year’s Kip’s Bay Showhouse to a wonderful seaside cottage by John Reilly that was recently featured in House Beautiful magazine.

Lilly palette-like inspired rooms don’t have to look like the lobby at your favorite palm tree lined resort… a touch of bright colors give that same optimistic feel without being too overbearing. I always think having the confidence to combine these hues give an instant air of sophistication to any space.

I’m feeling totally inspired by these two Lilly patterns this morning… hmm, which of my rooms will be getting a Lilly-like makeover today…?

Post Update:  This just in-

If you are in the NYC area?… Bloomingdale’s flagship store on 59th street is hosting two exciting events in honor of Lilly’s Colorful Cause.  Catch a glimpse of the entire collection ( along with a retrospective look at 50 years of Lilly style) in the store’s window display along Lexington Avenue starting today through May11-or even better yet, shop the collection alongside A Colorful Cause contributing designer, The View’s own Elisabeth Hasselbeck,  who will be in store helping to celebrate the event Thursday April 30th from 6-8pm. ( FYI-Spring has finally arrived in NYC… making it the perfect time to visit and shop! )

p.s. Thanks Marlee for passing along these colorful images of last night’s unveiling of the windows!  What a beautiful display- I can’t wait to see it in person!!!!

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  1. april says:

    I had no idea I owed so much of my personal palette and style to Lily Pulitzer. These are the colors and style of my clothing, apartment, etc. I wish I could buy the whole collection, invite the cast of I Dream of Jeannie over, and roll out the cocktails. The Pulitzer brand certainly has a lot to celebrate ! Great colorful article , just in time for spring.

  2. Kate Smith says:

    Wow, love the store windows! What a fun event. I’m going to have to go by Bloomies to see the windows when I’m in NY next week.

    Everyone needs a bit of Lily color in their life don’t you think?

  3. kim says:

    What a thorough article, I love the decor references. Your blogs always seem to relate color to all aspects of life.
    Yes, we all need a little Lily in our lives!
    Growing up in Greenwich Ct I can say the colors and style of Lily Pulitzer go hand in hand with that easy breezy summer sensibility, mixed with impeccable taste and big helping of preppy that the town is so well known for. If you google ‘pink and green’ Lily and Greenwich should show up! She is iconic and more than just a designer but a way of life. Young girls and women of all ages look equally effortless in her designs.
    I will be at Bloomies Thurs! Thanks for the tip.

  4. Patricia says:

    How fun! I love the whole Lily aesthetic, it makes you feel happier just by looking at those colorful prints. I think I need that scarf and I know I need something out of that birdcage print.

  5. Leona Gaita says:

    I love your woman-as-a-flower concept! I always think of myself that way! ; )
    The colors are gorgeous, very inspiring. Your blog is definitely one of my favs!!

  6. Natasha says:

    I looove the Lilly Pulitzer collections on their website, so great to have a helping hand in how to put together a gorgeous outfit and the colours are so uplifting. Here in Australia we are heading into winter so I hope we see some of the Lilly inspiration in our stores next spring and summer.
    And you have given me inspiration to paint a Lilly-like painting for my little girl’s bedroom which is being renovated – will I have to change the wall colour now???

  7. owen says:

    I love flowers very pattern. You are beautiful and colorful of all shades help no help I love it.

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