February Birthstone: Amethyst

February is a month wedged into a period of flux in the year. The winter holiday season is well packed away, but the blossoming of spring is still several weeks in the future. It’s a time of the year when seasonal fatigue or restlessness may set in. Accordingly, the month of February can be at once somber and gleeful.

Those born in February are associated with the beautiful amethyst gem. The stone is found naturally in a variety of purple shades, from the lightest lavender to a rich grape color. It has been highly prized throughout history and according to some sources was even more valuable than diamonds to European royal families, much like purple dye for clothing. Leading actress Zoe Saldana was truly red carpet royalty when she wore a giant amethyst ring to complement the Givenchy couture gown that she wore to the 2010 Oscars.

Amethyst has also been associated with sobriety. In addition to preventing the wearer from becoming intoxicated, it is thought to aid in the overcoming of adversity and to strengthen the bonds of love. This makes is a great gift for the February love fest of Valentine’s Day.

You’ll often find amethyst set on its own or with colorless stones like diamonds, which lend extra sparkle to the rich purple colors. When amethyst is combined, however, one of the most common color accents used are greens and greenish blues. Blue topaz, citrine, aquamarine, and turquoise are gorgeous complements to amethyst.

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  1. lilybugtoo says:

    I love it to! It’s my Sisters birthstone and on of my favorite colors!

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