Colorstrology: Find Your Color Personality Based on Your Birthdate

I was reminded of Colorstrology when a piece by Michele Bernhardt was included in the fabulous House Beautiful September Color Issue but it has been awhile since I looked at what Colorstrology says about each person based on their birthdate.  When someone asked me about it this morning I decided to click over to the Pantone website and take another look.

I love the first two opening pages (shown below) and the ideas expressed.  Off to a good start.

colorstrology colors based on the day you were born

colorstrology colors based on the day you were born

I pulled up my birthdate first.  Although I’ve never really been attracted to the color ‘Blush’ the write up about personality traits seemed to fit.  Here’s a couple of highlights:

YOU love to learn and explore new things especially if there is an artistic or organic slant to the subject. [Yep, that's true]

Although you get along well with others you have a strong independent streak.  You want a partner with whom you can share your life, but one who doesn’t require all of your energy. [True again & I don't think I could have said it any better]

colorstrology colors based on the day you were born

Now I know my sister Julie pretty well so I decided to see if it seemed to fit her personality traits.

There is something about your physical presence that is commanding yet likable. [Commanding wouldn't be a word I would have used but Julie does have a presence and is easily likable so I'd say this rings true.]

You have an artistic ability and a great sense of style. [No question here.  Julie is very artistic, creative and has an innate sense of style.]

colorstrology colors based on the day you were born

So far so good but but I wanted to look up at least one more so I looked at Kiki’s birthdate.

Many people born on this day have a propensity for writing. [True, and I'm so happy about it since we regularly co-write articles, classes, and now books]

Your mind is very active so it is important for you to communicate both creatively and physically.  Sports, dance or the arts are all activities that can bring joy and help you relax. [I'd say this is very true.  After all Kiki is very creative and did dance with the Minnesota Ballet/Stage Door Performing Arts for 15 years!]

Okay, three for three.  I’m not sure if it is just a lucky coincidence or that there really is something more to Michele Bernhardt’s Colorstrology but it sure was fun.

Why not find your Colorstrology color and then leave a comment and let me know if what your birthdate say about you is on target.

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  1. juliehoylen says:

    I take offense…I rather like being described as commanding.

  2. Kate Smith says:

    I thought commanding sounded a bit negative but I can go with it. Maybe instead of color mavens we could be color commanders.

  3. I’m quite pleased with my analysis. How coincidental that my color Zephyr is also a name my mother suggested if I was ever in fact going to have children. And I actually like it, maybe it’s a sign!
    .-= Kiki Titterud´s last blog ..Trend Tuesday: ICI’s Color of the Year Icy Blue is Icy Hot =-.

  4. Pam Kersting says:

    So you two are color maven SISTERS! That is awesome that you both are in the same field! I have a twin sister who does not blog, but she loves all things gardening, just as I do. What fun!
    .-= Pam Kersting´s last blog ..White on White =-.

  5. juliehoylen says:

    Hi Pam,

    What’s your colorstrology color? Do you and your sister have similar color preferences as well? I’m totally intrigued!

    By the way- I just LOVE your blog!

  6. Kate Smith says:

    This post took on a life of its own on Twitter today and here are a few of the comments that were tweeted to me about it–

    @SavoirFlairDes: This is pretty awesome!

    @Imageglow: I’m Baked Apple!

    @artsyleah Far more accurate than we could have expected.

    @ChickieLou: Mine came up terra cotta. Assessment was spot on.

    Thanks to the many, many people that retweeted this post

  7. Pam Kersting says:


    My colorstrology is “Jester Red”. That is very interesting — I just looked up everyone else in my family and we all have a red or red derivative color! This could become a science project! My twin and I don’t always lean toward the same colors. Although we should as we have identical coloring. I’ll have to be more observant. Love your blog too!!
    .-= Pam Kersting´s last blog ..White on White =-.

  8. juliehoylen says:

    That’s so funny. My family’s colors read like a paint swatch strip as well- all purples

  9. I’m an Heirloom Lilac (October 23) and it is amazing how accurate it is. I am eloquent, funny and “far deeper than you may appear”!

    Also amazing is Michele Bernhardt herself. I interviewed her last month for my COLOR HEALING RADIO show. For a real treat, listen to the free podcast at and scroll down the page until you see “Magical, Mystery Hues”.

  10. juliehoylen says:

    How cool Eleyne- can’t wait to check it out!

  11. Juli Roland says:

    I thought my description fit me pretty well. The color suggestion, however, (Etruscan Red, a muted brownish red) was not me at all.

    I’ve worn vibrant blue-reds at certain times, but never decorate with red or seek it out in other objects.

    Then again, I couldn’t pick a single favorite color anyway. I think that’s why I became a color consultant, so I am constantly getting to see and utilize different colors. : )

  12. hesham yosri says:

    hi. i was born on 1995/9/15

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