Colors of South Beach

As if a few days of breathing salt sea air and sipping champagne weren’t enough to spoil me I had the added pleasure of strolling along Ocean Drive in Miami’s colorful South Beach.

South Beach has the largest concentration of Art Deco buildings anywhere in the world with more than 800 of these gems within a square mile.

Constructed mainly of masonry or stucco, their flat roofs, geometric patterns and rounded motifs give the many small, pastel-colored hotels a distinctly modern look.

Pastel and neutral painted buildings in beige, gray, cream, rose taupe, and butter yellow are accented with brighter pastels in peach, pink, aqua, and green, or with deeper neutrals such as charcoal gray or black.

Both the style and colors signaled a period of renewed optimism and confidence in the U.S. during the post-depression building boom of the 1930s.

Today the Art Deco treasures are being preserved and some newer buildings that complement the distinctive architecture of the area have been allowed to go up.

The show doesn’t stop when the sun goes down on this historic district. Neon and colored lights beckon in red, white, orange, blue and gold adding to the festive atmosphere of this international hot spot.

Can you blame me for not coming back to work until today?

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  1. first i would like to said that i love your blog, i came here many times have more then one year, i don´t remember to have to see before a place for to leave a comment, but also my english ins´t so good for to write ;)) but today with this post about colors of south beach, irresistible post ;)) a am a ilustrator that works with development of textiles and stationary, and also i live in the “south” of rio de janeiro, and it is a “beach” that has many surfers, so the colors from this trocpical country are sooooooo strong that sometimes, it´s impossible for to explain then using pantone,
    in fact also soft colors, or true colors i miss a “tool” for production. So, my answer is, you that work also with color don´t miss colors in pantone or other system?? or you have one that you think have allllllll colors?

  2. Kate Smith says:

    I’m very happy that enjoyed the post on South Beach. I had fun visiting South Beach after not having been there for several years.

    I love textiles and surface design. I’d enjoy seeing some of your designs. I will send you an email directly with the answer to your question.

    Thanks for your comment.

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