The color of abalone

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I knew that abalone is one of the most sought-after sea ingredients in Chinese cuisine, but didn’t know that it is judged by its color – until today.

According to Michael Au Kam Wo, the award-winning chef who has spent almost a lifetime researching this mollusk, “Fresh abalone is graded according to the color.”

“The best is the green-lip abalone from Australia, followed by the yellow-lip and then the black lip. The color comes from the seaweed that the abalone feeds on.”

“And green seaweed is found in clear, unpolluted waters, so naturally, the abalone is also of better quality.”

But, having said that, Au maintains that he is dedicating his life’s work to creating cooking methods that will make cheaper abalone taste as good as the expensive stuff.

Are you a fan of this tasty mollusk ?

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