Color inspiration: MMMMacaroons

There is the sweetest French pastry shop in my neighborhood called Madeleine (named after our favorite mademoiselle I presume)….

On Saturdays I treat myself to a latte and pan au chocolat. While the barista with the thick French accent prepares the coffee I always stare at the trays of macaroons. Authentic macaroons in delightful flavors and the most GORGEOUS colors.

Some are finished with a dusting of gold flecks. How decadent! I imagine them being served on polished silver trays in the parlors of Versailles and have enjoyed them at my studio apartment on mismatched china with friends.

I would love to see a room decorated in this palette, how warm and inviting would that be? Also a dream bag would be buttery soft suede, striped in all the hues. Tres bien, no?

To read about the flavors of these delights check out Manger La Villel’s post.

image of Madeline pop up book from Amazon

image from Marie Antoinette from

room image from Domino

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  1. Thanks for the mention. I love your post. I especially love the Marie Atoinette references and the beautiful hues on display.

  2. april says:

    Enchante ! It’s so nice to go to a spot in the city that transports you to another time and place. NYC is great for that. Wouldn’t these lovely pastel treats be a perfect Easter dessert with friends ! An adults version of colorful Easter eggs….

    I’ll also take that beautiful pink slipper chair from the Domino room. C’est manifique !

  3. Kate says:

    Macaroons are one of my absolute favorites and this post is making my mouth water just thinking about having one or two or three…

  4. moggit girls says:

    Powerful eye candy!

    Joy and Janet

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  6. Rebekah says:

    I loved this report – so many creative nail colors and ideas! I definitely have to try cork and cocoa. And what a great idea is the reverse french manicure! It will work fabulously with the black and white dress that I just bought from the White House Black Market for the upcoming White House Correspondents’ Association Party with the Pres and the First Lady. Thank you for this great update on the fun nail trends!

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