Color Inspiration: Blue and Purple

A quick trip past the fresh flower depot at my local Costco and my ‘only what I truly need to buy’ mantra went flying by the wayside.  Oh, well- we all do need fresh flowers surrounding us, don’t we.

First I thought about which vase I would use ( a traditional blue and white vessel brought back from Italy years ago) and instantly I was drawn to these long stemmed, deep purple beauties.

It’s interesting how a little thing like the pairing of a vase and flowers can tap you into what colors are inspiring you at that very moment.  I even said to fellow shopping and LIFC blogging buddy April at the time that ‘right now, I’m sooo loving purple and blue together’…funny because this time last year I bet you I would have gone straight for the bright yellow sunflowers.

But that is the charm of fresh cut flowers, for $8.99 I was able to instantly add my latest favorite color combo into my life ( this is also why it’s quite handy to have a variety of vases in your supply closet).

There is just something so sensuous about blue and purple together…it’s images of lavender fields against a deep blue sky, it’s hydrangeas and the twinkling blues and purples of the summertime dusk, it’s traditional beachy blue and white with a dash of creative and energizing purple.

And of course once I realize I’ve got a color craving I have to investigate whose on my color team….and partake in some great ideas on how to surround myself in it this season.

exotic resort ready- this Spring’s Gucci collection finds some blue and purple inspiration as does this Alessandro Print Bracelet from Emilo Pucci

This dining room from Metropolitain Home shows how dramatic the pairing can be

Adding a little extra ‘pop’ of color can change the feel of the combo- red and yellow tend to be a favorite offset color to add, as is just a touch of orange ( as seen her in this fab little Pucci number) personally- I also think just a bit of green makes for a nice ‘garden party’ feel.

okay, this Hermes beach towel has now been official placed on my (unrealistic) ‘things I truly need to buy’ list!

Tory Burch gets her inner peacock/Brady Bunch on- with a mix of olive green and white

a touch of red in this guest bedroom by Paula Perlini featured in House Beautiful helps distinguish the blues in the fabrics from the periwinkle on the walls.

same goes for this cute bikini from Diane Von Furstenberg

also from House Beautiful, this table setting designed by Rebecca Moses shows an eclectic miss-matched hues pulled together by an overall them of purple and blue looking truly vintage modern

Designer Cynthia Rowley’s dining room featured in Elle Decor follows a similar color theme

on the runways from this year’s CFDA women’s designer winner Rodarte…with a vibrant touch of orange

While this bedroom by designer Benjamin Noriega-Ortiz from Elle Decor( which reminds me of The Valley Of The Dolls) would be the perfect place for me to daydream about my favorite combo this season!

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  1. april says:

    I’m with ya lady ! I love these rich jewel tones together as they remind me of a beautiful peacock or some exotic local. India and Morocco come to mind and I expect to smell some strange rich scent coming off a dark haired mysterious stranger (Johnny Depp a la Don Juan de Marco comes to mind.) Guess that’s why so many cultures use these combos in royalty (only the rich could afford purple as it’s dye consists of thousands of drops from a mollusk) .

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