Color In Films: Last Days

Last Days explores the final days of Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain. Writer and director Gus Van Sant truly examines the feeling of isolation in the world with this film. From beginning to end, the darker more rustic tones of nature set the stage for sadness, weakness and the psychological sense of strength that is showcased at the end of the film when the character takes his own life. The rich colors of the cooler seasons embrace the story as it unfolds to its realistic and haunting finale.

Images from the movie Last Days with the color palette shown below

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  1. Du hoc Anh says:

    Good post! i like you sory , writter of film:D

  2. paulbuhlmisc says:

    Very cool site, color is often very under-rated and taken for granted. I worked with the colorist Bruce Bolden on another film, Oxymorons. Bruce did an amazing job on that film as well. A true artist that brings a lot to a picture. We were so taken with the impact he had on the final image, we created an opening credit called “color design” so we could have Bruce upfront after the cinematographer credit. A good colorist can often make the cinematographer look like a genius but rarely gets the credit. Why are colorists stuck in the “editorial department” on IMDB? They should have their own stand alone credit, just like Editor, Cinematographer, Composer, etc.

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