Fall Leaves: A Recipe for Awe and Inspiration

“Fall, leaves, fall, die flowers, away Lengthen night and shorten day Every leaf speaks bliss to me Fluttering from the autumn tree…” Fall ~Emily Jane BronteAutumn Colors Inspired by the Colors of Fall Leaves

To me, fall is a poem, a diary of smells and memories, a glowing stained glass window, a not so still life.

Fall is summer’s epitaph, nostalgic and glorious.

The colors of leaves are miracles, small explosions of contrast contained within delicate shapes, unique little palettes floating about.

The New Yorker Magazine and Fall Colors

Each fall in my color class, we celebrated this time of year. Students collected the most spectacular leaves and pressed them. Once flat, we used them in collages by contrasting the leaves with colored background that emphasized their extraordinary hues. The students created beautiful abstract compositions while discovering new color combinations and palettes.

Fall leaf color collage AFall leaf color collage B

This fun project can be very inspirational.

The recipe:

Prepare to be awed and surprised
Look up, look down
Pick up leaves and enjoy.

About Michele: Like poetry, color feeds my spirit; it sings soothing little ballads but also shouts overwhelming and inspiring speeches. It is a constant companion, a lover – filling my canvases, guiding my lens, and pours from my pen. As a driven apostle, I want to share its beauty and power. You can see more from Michele at http://michelecoppin.com/

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  1. Ann Nichols says:

    What a perfect way to describe Fall!!
    I love walking every day – but something about Autumn walks! Maybe it’s just that, no matter where one looks – up or down or all around – there is spectacular color!
    Please come visit me at my history blog – It’s about St. Nicholas and Christmas (Now there’s a season for you!)

  2. michele says:

    Hi Ann,

    I love your blog,
    I live part of the time in Belgium where St Nicolas is huge – Its such a great part of our custom/culture here – I will be writing about it around December 6 : ) – In the mean time, I will be catching up on historical aspects through your blog, thanx for sharing

  3. Joe Naimo says:

    I enjoy the fact that this site offers a variety of authors. Smart.

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