Color Marketing Group’s 2013 Color of the Year is Re-Blued!

Last week I participated in the International Color Marketing Group (CMG) meeting in the color-drenched South Beach area of Miami, FL. It was one of the best CMG summits I have attended.

The big news that came out of that meeting was how strong the color blue is going to remain for another year. In fact, Color Marketing Group predicts that Blue will dominate the color movement for a number of years. The number of different hues of blue represented across all CMG’s regional color forecasts is a key indicator of its importance.

Color Marketing Group’s
Color of the Year 2013


Color of the Year for 2013 RE-BLUED

What is driving the rise of blue? Blue is a stable, comfortable, and a well liked color that is always present in a color palette. Global/environmental issues regarding water and the political atmosphere are driving factors in the movement. Mineral blue pigment mines are becoming scarce. There is a push toward use and acceptance of synthetic blues which are cleaner, mineral blues more complex. The pricing of pigments is an issue.

Warmer, tropical, watery, blues with a touch of green dominate the movement. Blues are regarded as relaxing and calming, but when not careful with tone, they can become depressive and distant. Previous blues have been cleaner, more political, Olympic, and historical/traditional. Now people want warmer more aqueous blues. Blue is a popular color in many industries, but has met resistance in others. Blue is popular across ages and demographic- it is a reliable color. Our best color friend. Read more »

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Masskara: The Festival of Smiles

The MassKara Festival is a three week-long festival held each year during October in Bacolod City, the capital of Negros Occidental province in the Philippines.

The festival first began in the early 1980 when sugar prices dropped on the world market creating a crisis in the province where people relied on sugar cane as its primary agricultural crop.

With the price of sugar was at an all-time low people were already feeling depressedIt when on April 22 of that year, the inter-island vessel Don Juan carrying many Negrenses, including those belonging to prominent families in Bacolod City, collided with the tanker Tacloban City and sank. An estimated 700 lives were lost in the tragedy. Read more »

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Color Craving: Blue Raspberry

Nothing offers sweet relief from hot summer days better than an icy treat! Frosty cherry and grape or even lemon ‘n lime are yummy but on one of those sweat-drenching days nothings satisfies my craving for cool better than blue raspberry!

Color Craving Blue Raspberry is today's color inspiration Image credit: rusteford on Flickr

I have been drawn to  this flavor since childhood and still today I will choose blue over any other color when it comes to popsicles or icy treats.

If you love blue raspberry as much as I do or are just in need of that same cooling sensation, why not incorporate  the electric blue  of my favorite summer iced delight into your home. I found a color reminiscent of the blue raspberry italian ice that seems to find its way into my hands far too often during the dog days of August ~ Behr Paints Reboot (T12-8).

You don’t have to do an entire room. How about just an end table or a piece of wicker for the porch? Unlike Italian ice that disappears all too quickly, when you ice down something with this blue it satsifies indefinitely. Far fewer calories per quart, too.

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Color in Films: Across the Universe

Across the Universe is a beautiful love story packed with creativity, art & design and fantastic colorful imagery. Directed by Julie Taynor, the film is written to go along with songs composed by The Beatles and is presented through a theater style perspective bringing tons of dramatic flair.

Bringing us back to the wild times of the 70s, Across the Universe takes us through the lives of six young people who try to  find themselves in a world where war surrounds them. Losing loved ones, trying to survive and falling in love are three main topics of the film. The story is mesmerizing and the music is unforgettable. The visual and creative aspect of the film is what lures the viewer in to a place where colors soar and the mind travels through galaxies. The energy and emotion between the characters is like the big cherry on top.

Across the Universe explores every color of the rainbow with a color scheme so vibrant and free, it makes you feel like you’re the one on LSD. You gotta love the 70s! Take a ride back in time and experience young love with all the fixings. You might even want to get up and soar the across the universe yourself.

Color in Films: Across the Universe



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Color in Films: The Fifth Element

The sci-fi film, The Fifth Element, is one filled with adventure and fantasy. Based on a story by Luc Besson, the film takes you on a journey set in the future where unique creatures and characters bring the screenplay to life. The setting and cinematography is superb. With its vibrant color scheme set against old time city neutrals, its a nice mix of a futuristic feel and everyday reality.

The story brings a taxi cab driver and the supreme being together to save the world. Learning about each other and themselves throughout the journey is where love is born. The creative characters we meet along the way keep us wanting more and the brilliant special effects are on point every time. This fantastic exploration of life, love and good & evil is what makes The Fifth Element one you shouldn’t miss. If the colorful scenes don’t capture you from the start, I don’t know what will.

Color in Films: The Fifth Element

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