There Is No Such Thing As Bad Weather

The weather isn’t good or bad. Your choice of clothing may be good or bad but the weather just is. That is what my Norwegian friend Berit once told me. She said that in Norway they say, “There Is No Such Thing As Bad Weather.” They don’t judge things like the weather they just accept them.

There Is No Such Thing As Bad Weather

I’ve never been much of a weather watcher. I rarely pay attention to the forecast and my choice of clothing could sometimes be labeled “bad” if “weather appropriate” is the gauge.

Often, I even forget to check the forecast when heading out of town. I just assume I generally know what to expect. When traveling to Scottsdale, Arizona as I did a few days ago, I expected pleasant and sunny with a chance of the need for a sweater early or late in the day.

I’d put my message out to the Universe asking for a few magical days to recharge and clear my head. I already was imagining walking in the desert, basking in sunshine, taking in colorful sunsets and breathing in the fresh air and wide-open space in between visits to the spa. It was a little gift I had given myself to celebrate the fabulous last year I’d had in my business.

Instead I got rain. From the moment I pulled my rental car onto the highway on Thursday evening until early afternoon on Sunday the rain never stopped. It slowed, and sputtered, and then started up again even harder than before. By noon on Friday with no end in sight I found myself wondering how I had ended up here on days with such bad weather for my little getaway.

Oops, had I just judged the weather? Guilty! I could hear Berit’s words in my head and felt her smirking. But come on. I had asked for a few magical days and I have just come to expect the Universe to deliver. So why was it raining?

I was headed towards my own little pity party when I was spared slipping down that spiral by my first spa appointment. Two hours of pampered bliss is really all it takes to make everything seem right in my world even when it is gray and wet.

With a change of spirits, I headed over to Starbucks to find an espresso and comfy place to check my email. What I found was a coffeehouse full of locals all happily talking about the rain. They bantered back and forth about pulling out jackets that were rarely worn, the fact that they didn’t own umbrellas and how their little ones wanted to just stand outside and get soaked.

One woman was happily showing off red Wellies that she had bought for her visits to see the grandkids in Seattle but never got to wear at home. I told her I thought they looked just great. She smiled widely and said,

“Isn’t this rain just amazing?”

“Is it? I’m visiting from New York and wasn’t expecting rain”

“Yea, I bet. We rarely get this much rain. You probably are used to it but for us rain like this is something rare. You are lucky to be here for something so special. If this keeps up through tomorrow as they are predicting you’re going to think everyone around here has been covered with some kind of happy juice not water. If you think this place is crazy now, come by tomorrow and see what its like.”

I thought about doing just that but I didn’t have to return to that same spot to find people delighted by the downpour. The woman in the red Wellies was right. All of the next day and into Sunday morning I kept hearing people commenting on the rain sounding almost giddy.

When the rain finally broke about midday on Sunday I wasn’t ready for it to end. The warm sun felt good on my face but made me a bit sad. Funny considering 48 hours earlier I had been praying for sunshine.

As I’m writing this it once again is pouring like crazy. The break in the weather was only temporary. I smiled a big wide grin when just before sunset the raindrops began dancing on the rooftop of my little hideaway again.

I’m tucked away inside for the evening sipping wine, happily watching the rain and hoping it continues. The Universe had delivered my magical days in Arizona after all. Whatever made me have any doubts? By now I should know better than to expect everything I desire to be delivered exactly as I envision. That happens about as often as a downpour in Scottsdale. But the Universe always responds and most often in a way much more wonderful than I could have ever imagined just as it did this weekend.

By the way, I just checked the forecast and rain is predicted until Tuesday just about the time I have to head to the airport to fly back to New York. Isn’t that awesome?