Decorating An Apartment On A Budget

When you get your first place decorating an apartment on a budget can be a challenge. It can be more difficult when you are trying to put together a great looking home with items a graduate student can afford. In our case, there was another challenge — getting an applied mathmatices major and designer to agree. This is the decorating dilemma my son and I faced and where a bit of insider information made the designer mom (that’s me) look like a real hero.

I’ve been regularly blogging for for the last couple of years so was very familiar with the “zillion things home” that they sell. Their prices are always competitive but recently they began running daily sales and slashing the prices even more. When we started looking to furnish my son’s living room our first stop was the daily sales section. Decorating An Apartment On A Budget Wayfair Daily Sales

Find Out How Easy Decorating An Apartment On A Budget Can Be

My son had taken the green and brown oriental rug from his boyhood bedroom to use in his living room. We both love this rug as much today as we did when I bought it for his room when he was in the first grade. The rug, light bamboo floors and creamy white walls were our decorating starting point.

Our first purchase was the Bobkona Sectional & Ottoman in Chocolate. My son loved the sofa/chaise combination. I loved the size and matching ottoman that would double as a coffee table and extra seating. We both loved the daily sale price!

To give him a firm yet removable surface on  top of the ottoman we bought a Barreveld Rectangular Serving Tray. Perfect for setting down drinks or using as a tv tray for pizza in front of the television.

Lighting is something I have a difficult time selecting. It is even tougher when I’m looking for bargain lighting but for under $100 I think the Cal Lighting Arc Floor Lamp is a great choice. Cha-Ching, another item in our shopping cart.

Last he needed a stand for his the new television. That was the one thing he slurged on when he received the money from his summer internship and it needed to have a nice place to sit. He found another nice item that worked with his style and limited funds, the  Home Loft Concept 58″ TV Stand.

With the help of Wayfair daily sales, decorating an apartment on a budget was much easy than I expected. We were able to furnish my son’s living room much more easily and economically than either of us had imagined. I can’t wait for all of the pieces to be delivered. I know he is going to be just so thrilled with his new place.

Even if you aren’t decorating an apartment on a budget, Wayfair’s daily sales are packed with so many great items that I’m sure you’ll find something on your own shopping list at a great price BUT the sales are for a limited time. So that you don’t miss out on getting the best price I posted the sign up form below. Just enter your email to get the daily sale notifications and leave me a comment about the great deals you find.


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  1. A rug is such a good idea to use to decorate up a space and add character to it. There are so many varieties of rugs to choose from. You will want to make sure you choose one that fits your style, as well as adds comfort. If you go for a rug that is not comfortable, you may end up disliking it pretty soon!