Barry Manilow Crime Prevention?

Two years ago in an article titled Using Pink Light To Fight Crime I quipped that maybe piping in Barry Manilow tunes could be effective deterring little hoodlums from hanging around.

Music by Barry Manilow Crime Prevention

I was just joking but it seems that some folks in New Zealand are giving the idea some serious thought to Barry Manilow crime prevention.According to Fox News

The New Zealand city of Christchurch hopes that putting the American crooner’s smooth and gentle tones into the mix of music to be broadcast through the central mall district can pacify unruly teens who congregate there_ or at least convince them to go elsewhere.

Who knows maybe the folks in Christchurch saw my comment.  Really I was just poking fun at the mayor’s comment of giving Manilow the boot in favor of Pink Floyd.  I didn’t really mean to start a movement of turning Mr. Manilow from crooner to crimefighter.  If I did I can only say…

“Forgive me Barry!”

At least you are in good company. Anchorage, Alaska blasts Beethoven to rid the streets of teenage loiterers.