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The psychology of gift wrap on the Dom & Jeri blogI was recently asked to contribute to an article for the Dom & Geri blog. Here is what I shared about the psychology of wrapping paper:

Do you believe that the colour of the wrapping paper could have an effect on one’s mood when opening the gift?

“Yes, I do believe that it has an impact on the receiver’s mood. The ‘packaging’ of something can be a way to create anticipation and excitement. It can also create delight before the receiver even opens the gift.

Let me give you a famous example – Tiffany’s well recognised blue box. When someone gives a gift from Tiffany’s they are communicating that they care enough to give something special. For who receive a gift from Tiffany’s it is very likely that upon catching sight of the blue packaging they breathe in a bit deeper (anticipation), felt their heart rate increase (excitement) before they even open the box. The positive emotional responses that were evoked by the sight of the blue box during the gift giving process have a very real and significant impact.

Certainly the colour and connection to the type of gift inside have been learnt and are a big part of the emotional response but gift wrap can have a similar impact. A 12-year old girl that receives a gift wrapped in a funky hot pink and orange gift wrap that says “teenager” is going to feel more filled with anticipation than if the gift is wrapped in a more childish light pink and purple design. The choice of wrap signals how the giver sees her, which also influenced the type of gift inside.

All colours communicate meaning. A few examples: Black – sophistication; Silver – elegance; Red – bold; Orange – fun; or Yellow – cheerful or happy. In general, bright colours uplift our mood as does receiving a gift. The two combined double the dose of happiness.

Wrapping a gift is really no different than packaging a product. The colour or colour combination of gift wrap can communicate a message about the gift and the recipient. When you’ve chosen to give a gift, which in itself is a positive message, by thoughtfully choosing the way you wrap the gift that positive message and the good feelings it creates begins before the gift is even unwrapped.”

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