Black Rooms

In November 2008 Domino magazine profiled J.Crew’s creative director Jenna Lyons in her Park Slope Brooklyn brownstone. Every architectural details and item furnishings the townhouse reflected her personality but what drew the most attention was the color she choose for her walls–matte black!

At the time black was not a choice many had seen anywhere other than the bedroom walls of a rebellious teen. It created a huge buzz in the blogsphere. Today charcoal black and other deep, dark colors are lining many fine homes. There is still a certain drama in something as unexpected as black and any dark wall gives a room formality but as Jenna told the magazine at the time, “there is a certain ease you don’t usually find.”

I think that is what is seducing more people to try black or very dark color in their home. In my post for Wayfair’s My Way Home, I talk Black Magic and give you tips on using black and other dark colors in your home. Head on over and take a walk on the dark side of decorating.