Trend Tuesday: Color Speaks Out and It’s Voice is Red-Violet

Sometimes I just have to sit back and laugh at myself. I can be watching something as important as the State of the Union Address, and what’s the only thing I can think about…color trends.

Luckily, I didn’t feel as silly when I realized there were a lot of other people out there listening to what Michelle Obama’s dress was saying to our great nation. You can get the details from Kate’s interview with the Detroit Free Press, “Did purple send a message at the State of the Union Address?” on Live in Full Color.  To that question I would answer…most definitely, absolutely, yes….but it was more red-violet than purple.

MichelleObamaColorComboMichelle Obama and her style have been making big statements in fashion trends, her State of the Union dress was no different. Designed by Isaac Mizrahi and described by him as plum, Michelle’s ensemble is a perfect match to the deep shades of red-violet on the color wheel.

This is my favorite part about tracking trends, watching them evolve over time. You can get all juicy details about this color story in my post Trend Tuesday: Passionate Purples. Purple has come far since it first popped up all around us a few years ago, and I love where it’s headed.

So rich and warm, infused with red, it has such great depth and complexity. It’s still powerful without being loud like magenta or fuchsia. There are so many parallels between fashion and interior trends as the industry gap continues to narrow, I’ve gathered some room shots as a compare and contrast to show how this outfit translates into luxurious and trendy spaces.





Found this chair on EcoSalon, and thought it mimicked the pleats in Michelle Obama’s skirt. Maybe not exactly the right color, but we are talking about a whole family of tertiary color here. Just love the look of this chair, if only I could test it out for comfort….at my house!

I really enjoy how this combination can be done in either a red-violet monochromatic or as an analogous scheme using additional reds, violets, and even blue-violet for a touch of coolness. Lots of opportunity for unique and unexpected uses for red and purple.

So, how did Michelle’s red-violets speak to you? Is this a color trend you can follow?

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  1. I definitely noticed her dress and thought it looked fabulous – I think it is a tricky color to wear but she pulled it off easily. I am not a fan of purple/red-violet in the home although I think the interior with the brown couch is the best example – the brown tones it down some and the wall color adds the necessary balance.
    .-= Randi Millman-Brown´s last blog ..Colour in Australia =-.

  2. Kate Smith says:

    Love how you’ve shown this color in home interiors. I’m hearing red-violet loud and clear!

  3. I was at the IFDA seminar yesterday at NYIGF where Doty Horn spoke. Yes, purple (as in “vegetable brights”) is an important color to watch. Also, she spoke of the enduring quality of red and all its permutations… ending with fuschia as a definite trending color for 2011. I’ll be doing a synopsis of the talk on my blog in the next day or two so check in!

  4. DesignTies says:

    I can most definitely follow this colour trend, because I love purple!! It’s about time it gets the attention and respect it deserves :-)

    Love the bedroom in the first picture — the more purple, the better!! :-)

    .-= DesignTies´s last blog ..Decisions Decisions =-.

  5. Thank you everyone for your fun and inspiring comments.
    Randi – I agree, Michelle looked fabulous in her dress!
    Kate – I think this post was a great partner to your article for the Detroit Free Press
    Libby – Thanks for the info on Doty’s presentation at IFDA in NYC. I’ve known Doty through Color Marketing Group for some time now. We’ve facilitated color forecasting workshops as well as presented the trends in Atlanta for CMG together. It’s always fun to hear her speak. Thank you for your post too, I enjoyed reading it!
    Kelly – I’m so glad your a purple lover. I think this color is going to be one we look back on in a few years and are really happy that we followed through on as a trend.

    .-= Kiki Titterud´s last blog ..Trend Tuesday: I Heart Magenta =-.

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