Designer’s Color Manual

Designer's Color Manual

The eye, the camera’s lens, and the computer screen all treat color
differently. This important addition to the designer’s reference
library helps resolve the differences among the numerous media that
contemporary designers work with every day. Comprehensive in scope, it
brings together key elements of color theory, practice, and
application, addressing a wide range of issues specific to graphic
design in both print and digital media. Beyond step-by-step techniques
for managing color in modern graphic design practice, Designer’s Color Manual
also addresses topics which help designers understand color in a
variety of disciplines, looking at historical color systems, color in
art, and the psychology of color, among dozens of other topics. Author
and designer Tom Fraser also takes other graphics-related practices
into account — interior design, digital rendering, packaging and
merchandise design — aiding the designer in mastering the far-reaching
effects of color in almost any project. Heavily illustrated with over
1,000 color images, Designer’s Color Manual addresses an area that’s been gray for too long in the full-color world of contemporary design.

ISBN: 081184210X