20,000 Kids Pick Color Names

Here’s what they told the folks at Crayola:

  • Kids feel great about doing well in school.
  • Kids want to help protect the planet.
  • Kids believe that anyone can be a celebrity.
  • Outdoor activities are fun for kids.
  • Kids love having fun with parents, their best friends.
  • Kids want everyone’s dream to come true.
  • Kids want everyone’s story to be a happy one.
  • Kids want their homes to feel like a warm, cozy bear hug.

And here’s the colors that express those thoughts. Can you match the color name to the idea above?

  • Happy Ever After
  • Awesome
  • Best Friends
  • Giving Tree
  • Bear Hug
  • Famous
  • Fun in the Sun
  • Super Happy

See if you were right and meet theĀ Kids Choice Colors

20,000 Kids Pick Color Names