Cosmetics Industry Name Game

Cosmetics Industry Name GameWhen it comes to selling cosmetics and beauty products, color will always be the first consideration, followed by quality and price. But after that, it’s all in the color name.

In the article “They’re bringing sexy back,” AP reporter Samantha Critchell explores what’s behind the names of our favorite shades.

Color names that make you smile — or, even better, blush — help add distinction to otherwise similar products.

“There are only so many colors for makeup, only so many reds and pinks — a red is a red is a red — but some of the names make them stand out,” says Nina Sisselman, vice president of creative development for High Maintenance, the company with the beauty license for Playboy. “If you’re in Sephora, with hundreds of choices in front of you, the name, the package and the color makes a difference.”