Color Names Communicate Calm…Not!

Color Therapie is a wall light that emits color photons and is aimed at creating the perfect environment for a peaceful mind.

Color Names Communicate Calm...Not!

According to Generate, where the product is sold, “the peaceful aura provided by the play of colors and lights” is supposed to “reduces stress and tensions thus uplifting your mood.”

Each lamp comes with two color acetates but there seems to be a disconnect between product development and marketing.  Whoever came up with color names like Geisha, Lolita, Sun, Sex & Sea, Speed, and Tobacco doesn’t appear to have communicating “calm” in mind. Color names communicate the product message or promise and can be an essential part of its overall success.

Color names communicate the product message

UPDATE: 09/03/13 It appears this product is no longer on the market. Even still, the point about connecting the product message or promise to the color names is an important point.