Feng Shui Your Desk For Success

Many times we find ourselves in a work rut. Our desk becomes a cluttered mess that could not possibly foster productivity let alone, creativity. It can seem overwhelming to tackle. This is where Feng Shui can swoop in and save the day.

You may have heard of Feng Shui design and its ability to produce soothing, calming or even energizing spaces throughout your home. But, you may not know about Feng Shui’s amazing ability to change your productivity and even your prosperity at work.

Using a special blueprint called a Bagua Map, you can follow some basic rules for adding Feng Shui to your desktop and attain the goals you seek.

Proper Feng Shui is achieved by following the placement of items on a clean, clutter-free workspace. Imagine you are sitting at the base of the Bagua Map as you familiarize yourself with the sections. Placement of your desktop items that correlate to the energy on the map will give you the best opportunity to reach that goal.

Position, Placement & Meaning

There are no hard and fast rules for the items you place in your Bagua Map sections on your desk. Here are some suggestions that you could incorporate into your workspace based on the energies you want to accept into your career and life.

Career Life – Often front and center is your computer, laptop or a neat pile of paperwork. Your actual to-do list that often represents your productivity. It reminds you what you have to get done, but is just the starting point of your desk. Keep this area neat and ready to get to work.

Relationships- Looking to enjoy your work more or improve your relationships with coworkers? The Bagua Map points to the far right desk position for marriage, relationships, and partners. Placing a family photo, a favorite trinket or two of something (a couple) that makes you smile in this area of your desk will bring better interactions and plentiful relationships into your life.

Wealth – Interested in increasing your opportunity, prosperity, and self-esteem? Then, take a closer look at what you place in the far left of your desktop. Placing something that is abundant and living or flows fresh energy is a wonderful reminder to keep growing in your career. Potted plants, a small water fountain or even a lava lamp work great at keeping that flow of productivity flowing.

Fame – Placing items that celebrate your accomplishments claim the far center of your desk. Perhaps this is an award you received, a precious gift from a former appreciative client or even a tiny Buddha that reminds you to be proud of yourself. Whatever you place here should make you feel great and distinguished.

Creativity – All work and no play can stifle energy and creativity. Having little trinkets, colored pencils or even a simple slinky can remind you to take a moment to not be so serious and enjoy life. These toys are best placed in the right center of your desk within reach, but slightly off to the side.

Staying Grounded – To keep yourself connected to nature while indoors all day, gather some reminders of the outdoors. Stones or shells placed on your desk will be reminiscent of staying grounded and healthy.

Color, Form & Function

While the placement of your items on the desktop is a key element of Feng Shui, you can also use the Bagua Map sections to incorporate its corresponding color. For relationships, you could choose a pink photo frame of your loved one to place on the far right, for wealth and prosperity you can place a purple orchid on the left.

Even the desk color or material itself can help with productivity and proper flow. Deep dark woods can remind you to stay connected to the outdoors and nature even while working inside. Wood is also an element of wealth and prosperity. A blue or black desktop is also a great choice, as these colors are reminiscent of water and flow. Need more clarity? Add strong, silver metals to your office space to increase precision. If you want to bolster your creativity go for a hot, red desk.

Increasing wealth, being productivity, having great relationships or anything else you desire in life is attainable whether or not you know or follow the principles of Feng Shui. However, thinking about the placement of items that are around you every day and the colors that surround you can help keep those goals top of mind. The more you stay aware of your goals and dreams the more likely you are to achieve them.


  1. This is a fascinating article, Kate. I am shopping for a new stand up desk of some kind to add to my counter-height desk, so my office will need a reorganization. I’ll let you know how it turns out.

    • I was thinking of using a stand-up desk but with a laptop, it isn’t recommended but I may get a monitor and give it try. I would love to get out of my chair more during the day without losing productivity. Let me know how it goes both with the new desk and your desktop arrangement.

  2. Kate, now you are talking about Feng Shui more! Love it!

  3. Kate I love this and I love you! What an inspiration you are. Thank you! Call me the next time you’re in Richmond and let’s meet up again. Happy Valentine’s Day. ?

    • Aw thanks, Rosalee. I have been thinking of you and will be sure to let you know when I’m in your area. I would love to get together with you again.