Tips For Matching A Metallic Finish To Your Outdoor Living Space

Bright gold and brass, copper and bronze, muted or patinated all work in outdoor living spaces.

1. Imperial Door Knocker ~ Baldwin 2. Gold Garden Stool ~ Wisteria 3. 'Sizzle Scissors' Acalypha Hybrid Copperleaf Plant ~ Proven Winners 4. Lion Wall Fountain ~ Garden Statue Shop 5. Sunbrella Rust Cushions on an outdoor Veneto Couch ~ DWR 6. Heart Shaped Bird Bath ~ NYBG Shop In The Garden store

Golden and Coppery colors do have a home on the color wheel, so they tend to stand out a bit more when used as a neutral. This is especially true when they are placed next to their natural complementary colors of greens, blues and purples. Bright gold and brass feel traditional, copper and bronze established, and muted or patinated version of any of the above- truly romantic.

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