Tips For Matching A Metallic Finish To Your Outdoor Living Space

But before you run out to the nearest garden center, take a moment to consider which metal or metallic color possess the right feel for the mood you ultimately wish to create.

A collage of silver, iron and many variations of cool metals for your outdoor living space

1. Tolix Cafe Chair ~ Pottery Barn 2. 'Metallica 'Echeveria Rudolfhii Echeveria ~ Proven Winners 3. Hose Holder ~ Wisteria 4. Cast Iron Carp 5.and 6. Citronella Candle and Plant Conservatory ~ Anthroplogie

Since Silver, iron and any variation of metals that have grey to black tones are true neutrals (meaning their colors don’t actually exist on the color wheel), they easily exist alongside nature’s own neutral colors of greens and browns. Shiny silver looks very modern, galvanized tin has a rustic flavor, while aged iron has pure European flair.

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