Disney Paint

Disney Paint By Glidden Paint

Disney Paint Specially Formulated For Kids Rooms

Disney Paint is produced by Glidden and is available only at Walmart. The colors are bright and fun with names like Pluto’s Paws, Shorts Sighted, and Definitely Donald, kids will love these paint colors.

These exclusive paint colors and specialty finishes make achieving the most exciting kids’ room ideas surprisingly easy and affordable. Reinvent the whole room, or add a simple accent that sparkles, gleams, glows or turns your wall into a chalkboard! You can even use Disney specialty finishes over existing paint colors. For a totally unified look, combine Disney paint colors and specialty finishes with Disney bedding and accessories.

Only Disney Paint Colors and Finishes Bring the Story to Life

Disney Paint By Glidden Paint
Add glitter, sparkle, glow-in-the-dark or even metallic or chalkboard! When painting a bedroom, playroom or game room these finishes are sure to delight your child or tween!

Disney paint makes decorating fun for your kids and you. Check out the color, tips and how-to videos here

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