Color Me Delighted!

For my presentation at last week’s Color Marketing Group’s International Forecasting Summit I explained the drivers and influence of the trends I am seeing.  One of my favorites was the use of design to surprise and delight.

Using color to delight and surprise isn’t a new idea (Is anything really new?) but what is different is how it plays out in terms of unexpected scale, materials, finish and color placement.  It isn’t always enough for color to simply make us happy.  Right now we want color to surprise and delight us!

Fast forward a few days to last night when I had a chance to experience this for myself.  I arrived home to find an unexpected package waiting at my door. Glancing at the return address, I saw Christopher Elbow Chocolates and thought,

“Wow! Who sent me chocolates?”

Christopher Elbow Chocolates Color Me Delighted

You can imagine my surprise to receive such a fabulous gift from Wendy Bruch at DaVinci Roofscapes (and yes, I do have the best clients!) but my surprise turned to pure delight when I opened the elegant brown and white box and found sixteen little works of art in the most scrumptious colors.

Christopher Elbow Chocolates Color Me Delighted

The designs dazzled my eye and the aroma tingled my taste buds.  I was instantly torn between popping one in my mouth and wanting to keep all of them just as they arrived so I could enjoy the visual treat…at least for a little while. I opted for the latter and as of this morning all sixteen pieces are still intact but I can’t guarantee that will still be true when you are reading this post.

Christopher Elbow Color Me Delighted

To help increase my willpower I distracted myself by surfing over to  Christopher Elbow Artisanal Chocolates to find out more about the chef/artist/man/genius that created these little beauties.  Here is what I found–

Like most creative professionals, Christopher Elbow likes to experiment with different materials. But while some artists dabble in bronze, or oils, or clay, Christopher chooses things like 100% Venezuelan bean chocolate, French lavender and Grand Marnier. Working in small batches, he meticulously sculpts tiny pieces of chocolate perfection into miniature works of art that look as exquisite as they taste.

This is the inspired world of Christopher Elbow. Where modern culinary artistry meets traditional hand craftsmanship. Where taste experiences are rivaled only by visual sensations. Where the art of chocolate is expressed in a single, beautiful, decadent piece that’s hand-created one at a time.

I’m not sure when it will be, but I feel certain that I’ll turn savoring chocolate into an art best expressed one beautiful, decadent, hand-created piece at a time.

Thank you for such a wonderful surprise, Wendy.  Color me delighted