Color Inspiration: Quilt of Many Colors

Eddie Ross put up an excellent post today showing how a tattered antique quilt of many colors became the inspiration for six rooms he was designing.

quilt of many colors

Here is the quilt that inspired the colors.  It just makes me want to open it up and explore all of the possible color combinations. Here’s a quick view I put together of the color palettes that he put together for each of the six rooms. To see how he pulled out these beautiful combination of colors go to Eddie Ross blog. You will see pictures of the sections of the quilt that inspired each. He also shares his vision for each room. I love the magenta, gold and gray scheme for the dining room.  It is my favorite even though for myself I rarely choose magenta with the gold and gray it is a combination that I would consider for my own home.

quilt of many colors
Lavender and greenish gray will surround the Master bedroom in stripes.

quilt of many colors

For the Guest bedroom combination has a vintage feel that is appealing.

quilt of many colors

A scheme of neutrals and blue for the Kitchen.  


Colors perfect for the library.  

quilt of many colors

And this striking combination is for the foyer

quilt of many colors

Quilts have always inspired me.  Michael James designs quilts that I have always inspired me. My own antique quilts are another source of color inspiration. 

Do you have your own quilt of many colors or favorite quilt artist that inspire you?  I’d love to hear about what inspires your favorite color schemes.


  1. Thank you so much for your sweet post!!!!

  2. janet sandy davis says

    I love the combinations! Thinking of you!