Pope Benedict XVI Has Many Seeing Red

During a recent appearance before an audience in St. Peter’s Square, Pope Benedict XVI arrived donning a crimson cap trimmed with white fur.

Pope Benedict XVI Red Camauro

The cap, known as a camauro, popular during the medieval and Renaissance periods, has not been worn during modern times except for a brief appearance during the 1960′s as part of the attire worn by John XXIII. Perhaps the Pope’s revival of the camauro is a fashion statement, or maybe it’s just a way to stay warm when temperatures dip towards freezing.

This is not the first time Pope Benedict XVI has had us seeing red. His red Prada footwear that debuted last summer made a fashion statement and turned a few heads, as did his ermine-trimmed red cape.

Pope Benedict XVI Red Shoes

Pope Benedict XVI Red Cape

Some may be critical, but with a professional wardrobe that leaves little room for interpretation, great accessories and a pop of color are a way for the Pope to show the world a bit of his personal style.

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