Men Wearing Pink: Take A Tip From The Brits

Men Wearing PinkMen Wearing Pink: It is a quintessentially British color

The color pink overtook blue to become the number one selling fashion color for men in the UK in 2007. Pink has been selling strong ever since.

British men have embraced the color pink in a leading way over time, and it has become important as a key look. Here are some tips for men on how to wear  pink:

  • Keep it simple and don’t over do it. A little pink can go a long way.
  • Co-ordinate a pink shirt with a contrasting colored tie.
  • Wearing tone on tone i.e. pale pink shirt with dark pink tie looks great but it’s a look only for the brave .

More meaning than most colors

Dr Veronika Koller, lecturer at Lancaster University, who has carried out research on the significance of color said:

Pink has more meanings than any other color.

Historically pink was worn by boys and blue was for girls. After the World War I there was a complete turnaround when blue became associated with military uniforms, male jobs and masculinity. The marketing industry adopted pink for girls simply as a contrast.

Dr Koller believes the trend has now come full circle.  She added: “Pink has become a fashion statement for men.

Men in pink send out a clear message that they perceive themselves as being cutting edge, modern, out of the ordinary and special.

It is also fun to note that researchers in the UK say that men who wear pink shirts earn £1,000 a year more than those who don’t, have a lower carbon footprint and are more likely to have earned their Masters degree.




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