OPI Nail Polish Celebrates 25 Colorful Years

OPI Nail Polish

I remember the first time I bought OPI nail polish. It was a shade of coral that perfectly blended with my tanned skin and became an immediate “have to have” purchase.

OPI was still the “new kid” then, so it seems hard to believe that this year they are celebrating 25 years of bringing color to the world and that their business has grown across 75 countries and six continents.

For over two decades, OPI has offered glorious color and style, and their 25th anniversary collection continues in that tradition.

The colors are timeless, with a richness and diversity of style that will satisfy every fashion personality and will blend perfectly with this seasons fashion colors. Warm caramel, deep brown, rich reds, and the sophisticated mid-shades of straw, gray flannel, and moss green will all stand out aside brown.

Even luxurious metallics and jewel tones will make an appearance with brown this season.

A few of the colors are shown here, but for the complete offering and the always creative color names visit OPI.com.

Now the question is, should I try “Decades of Shades,” “OH…To Be 25 Again!” or “OP-I Love This Color” first?