Birthstone for January: Garnet

My mom is gifted in many ways, her greatest being the joy she brings to everyone who knows her. Her kindness and love are effortless. When we see each other we have the best time.

We share many things in common – our taste in books and movies (that we cry at together), enjoying cooking (and eating) , love of art and music, our outlook on life,and the list goes on. Both of us being born in January, we also share GORGEOUS GARNET as our birthstone. Lucky us!

Birthstone for January: Garnet - Victorian Garnet Brooch

Last year I surprised my mom with garnet earrings I made for her birthday. I hand picked two beautifully faceted teardrop stones. They were deep red with fantastic luster. Setting them in 18k gold showcased them perfectly. She wears them everyday, but enjoys them for fancier occasions as well.

One of garnet’s traits is it’s versatility. The regal red color of the gem works well when “dressing to impress”, while the flattering color of red makes garnets an easy everyday choice. We need to get over our fear of red! Red is an incredibly complimentary color for all skin types. Blond, brunettes, and red-heads alike can AND should wear red.

Jewelry is usually a small accent piece, so garnets are a great way to introduce a touch of red into a wardrobe. If red really isn’t your thing, this amazing stone comes in a virtual rainbow of choices. The term garnet refers to a group of more than ten different gemstones. I’ve included descriptions of a few to show their wide range in color.

Birthstone for January: Garnet - Pyrope“Pyrope” is the most common and familair with it’s deep red color. It’s name is derived from the Latin word pyropos, meaning “fiery”.



Birthstone for January: Garnet - Grossular“Grossular” comes in shades of grassy greens and cinnamon browns.




Birthstone for January: Garnet - Andrite“Andrite” can be found in a range of dark greens, browns and blacks.




Birthstone for January: Garnet - Spessartine“Spessartine” discovered in Madagascar has a beautiful yellow-orange color called “mandarin garnet”, my personal fave.



Birthstone for January: Garnet - Demantoid“Demantoid” is a garnet for real afficiandos. It is a very bright green who’s brilliance is greater than that of diamonds! Found in the Ural Mountains of Russia, it became the legendary jeweler – Carl Faberge’s favorite gem to work with.



References to garnets date back to 3100 BC. The Egyptians and Romans used them in jewelry and amulets believing it gave the wearer lasting love.

The Victorians adored garnets. Their unique style of setting many small stones resembled the seed clusters of a pomegranate. Perhaps you have an heirloom from a great grandmother like this? Have a jeweler check clasps and pin catches first, then by all means wear it.

Looking for a gem to “wow” your mom, your sweetheart or your best friend this holiday? Garnets signify eternal friendship and trust- making them a perfect gift!


  1. I too am a January baby! I love garnets. Thanks for educating me on all the other fabulous garnet gemstones. I love Spessartine!

    Happy Birthday month to you and your Mom.