Birthstone for December: Blue Topaz

Birthstone for December: Blue Topaz


December is  a very festive and colorful month full of celebrations.  Let’s not forget it is also a frosty and chilly month as well. If you are born in this special month you also have a very special birthstone – Blue Topaz.  A perfect color of icy blue, it is reminiscent of the icicles one may find on a cold December morning.

Ancient civilizations believed in this stones cooling properties. Named from the Sanskrit word ‘tapas’ – meaning ‘fire’ it was used to not only cool down a pot of boiling water but to cool hot tempers as well!

Topaz comes in many hues. The subtle to intense variations of December’s blue topaz: Sky, Swiss, and London are all obtained by heat treating – whether naturally or  engineered. A gift of blue topaz symbolizes love and fidelity.

Birthstone for December: Blue Topaz


Birthstone for December: Blue Topaz

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Birthstone for December: Blue TopazThis topaz ring is one of my favorite designs – ‘Thorn Branch’ ring it is cast from a rose branch in sterlind silver and set with a faceted round sky blue topaz.  A perfect gift to ‘warm’ the heart of someone near and dear.

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