A Naturally Beautiful Color Scheme Pink Yellow Orange

Early last summer I discovered the most gorgeous roses while driving through Georgetown.  While I was writing about the color combination of pink and yellow-orange these beautiful blossoms came back to mind.

color scheme yellow orange

They have a color scheme similar to the Veuve Cliquot Rose Ice Dress but with very clear yellows and oranges along with pink rather than just yellow-orange.  Mother Nature put together a spectacular color scheme pink yellow orange – that is a perfect example for learning how to create your own color palette by copying from the nature.

color scheme pink yellow orange

These roses are called Joseph’s Coat and I find the variety of colors on a single rose bush so appealing.  They are a climbing rose but since the ones I photographed were in pots they didn’t show the full effect of how gorgeous these are when flowing over a trellis or fence.

I did find this ‘story book’  shot of fully blooming Joseph’s Coat flowing around the window of Our Little English Cottage Amongst the Oaks. Doesn’t that look just perfect?

color scheme pink yellow orange

Mother Nature chose to put this same tri-color scheme in another of my favorite plants, Lantana.  I have often enjoyed a mid-summer explosion of color when my wrought iron hanging baskets were overflowing with Lantana.

When if come to cut flowers tulips are one of my favorites.  I especially like this bucket of tulips from etsy in the color scheme of pink, yellow, orange scheme.



Keep in mind that even if a color scheme doesn’t show up all together on the same plant when you mix different colors of the same type of flower you can create a naturally harmonious scheme.


And don’t feel that you have to match the colors exactly.  Choosing a variety of tints, tones and shades of each hue will be much more interesting than matching everything to just three colors.  The colors shown above will give you an idea of the variety of colors you can use in this ‘three color’ scheme.


Just look at this awesome analogous scheme and think how much more interesting these lovely ladies look than if they had all been wearing identical dresses in just one, two or even three colors.  I think that it was said best on Style Me Pretty where I found the image–

The bridesmaids dresses…how can you not love them? They were all designed by Kay Unger who is one of the more talented designers I’ve ever seen. Her dresses are effortlessly beautiful, each one making that particular girl look and feel ridiculously gorgeous.

When developing your own color plan pick out a few elements that deserve this same treatment.  Think not only about your color scheme but also how you are going to apply it within your design.  There should be at least a few elements that you want to have standout and look ‘ridiculously gorgeous’. Here are a few examples of pink, orange and yellow color schemes I think work well.

color scheme pink yellow orange rothko

Always a master with color, Mark Rothko used this color scheme in No. 12, 1951

color scheme pink yellow orange wedding

Martha Stewart suggests pink, yellow, and orange is a lovely option for a wedding color scheme.

What ideas do you have for using the color combination of pink, yellow, orange?

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  1. Such gorgeous photos. I never really put some of those colors together but I will now. Wish it were sunny with colorful flowers now. Hey…I live in Florida…it’s supposed to be that way…but instead it’s freezing:-) Have a wonderful pink Saturday!

  2. Beautiful flowers … and color scheme.

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  3. I have to admit that I have that rose outside on the side of the house. It doesn’t seem to do well in the dessert heat and I was going to take it out this year. I have changed my mind and decided to keep it after reading your post. One last chance and I think I will baby her and she is she does better this summer, Happy Pink Saturday and thanks so much, must be a sign, Char

  4. Hi Kate! Happy Pink Saturday. Your post is breathtaking! Nothing gets my heart beating faster than color. Thank you for your gorgeous and informative article. Have a lovely day!

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  6. Absolutely stunning photos of all your various color combination. The pink fits right in for today’s Pink Saturday. A truly beautiful showing. I loved all the flowers.

  7. Absolutely stunning photos. The color combination has me rethinking some ideas now.

  8. Hi Kate! Thank you so much for popping by to welcome me to Pink Saturday! I am crazy about color, too! Flowers, fabric, paint, shoes! I love it all. What a beautiful post!

  9. Rhose flowers growing up the wall..is perhaps one of the prettiest things ever. Thank you so much for showing us this beauty. Happy Pink Saturday..have a most wonderful day.

  10. Oh my. The climbing rose bush is just stunning! Happy Pink Saturday. Rosie

  11. Love the colour combination of the roses. You have a beautiful sire with so much useful information! Thanks for sharing! Sherri : )

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    Today you made my little, pinkie ♥ smile. Thank you so much for sharing your lovely blog. Hoping this next week is filled with sunshine and the laughter of friends and family☺

  13. I love roses. I don’t grow them but still love them – they are beautiful and they smell really nice 🙂 The rose arch looks magical and the bridesmaids dresses look good together too