Bettina Rheims Liquid Gold

Gold has always been symbolic of the confrontation between the luxury and the fake. Nothing is as pure as gold, and nothing seems as cheap as plated or fake gold. Liquid Gold by Bettina Rheims portrays the essence of gold with her exceptional talent.

Liquid Gold is a series of sophisticated, glamorous, provocative photos celebrating the allure of women and the embodiment of French chic.


Her model, a vibrant young woman, is literally scanned by Bettina’s camera, revealing her deepest sense of femininity. The stunning precision in Bettina’s photography is close to Freudian analysis.

Bettinna Rheims | 'Liquid Gold'

Her direct glance in “Bewitched” is an allegory of the photographer’s eye, a reflection of its own soul, similar to “Reflections in a golden eye” where John Huston delved into Elizabeth Taylor’s sentimentality.

Bettinna Rheims | 'Liquid Gold'

Adventure, glamor, sophistication, fragility, seduction and provocation are all portrayed in the photographs.

Bettinna Rheims | 'Liquid Gold'

Viewing these photographs online can’t communicate their magnificence and scale. In line with the style of classical paintings, and similar in size, the exhibition is composed of large scale photographs (4.59 x 5.64 ft high).

Bettinna Rheims | 'Liquid Gold' for French Chablis

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