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Become The “Go To” Color Expert In Your Area

Color Consultant Certification Program Students and Instructor At Table

 In today’s market it takes more than being able to come up with beautiful color schemes to be successful.  It takes color confidence, professional know-how
proven system for success.

Today’s homeowner is more at ease with color, mixing and matching, and craves more complex schemes and patterns. As a designer or consultant this means you also have to step up your game.

You need to be able to confidently show your clients how to
“Get the beautiful vision out of their head and into their home.”

This takes more than just being able to put colors together. It takes an understanding of how and why colors work the way they do, how color is perceived and which characteristics of color to focus on in order to create the mood, feeling and look you and your customer desire.

You also absolutely need to know these three things
if you want to be successful in this business:

1. Why homeowners hesitate to follow your guidance and what you can do to  gain their buy-in to your recommendations while always keeping the final decision right where it belongs — with your client.

2. The biggest mistake that most consultants and designers make when it comes to working with clients with color and how you can not only avoid their mistake but use it to your advantage.

3. A proven method for presenting your services that makes it incredibly easy for your prospective clients to say, “Yes” without hesitation. Graduates that put this into practice have reported that they immediately increased the number of clients they sold on their services.

Don’t worry if you don’t know these three things today.
You will by the time you complete this course!

Become a certified color consultant

You have your choice of taking the class LIVE or ONLINE. In the live class you complete the work in 2 information-packed days with the guidance of your instructor every step of the way.

When you take the course online you have the ability to absorb all of the information at a more leisurely pace and work with your instructor remotely.

Both options have advantages and some students have chose to do both. Unlike other courses, if you enroll in the online course and later decided you would like to attend one of the live classes I will apply your entire online payment towards the fee for the live class.

This way you can begin immediately yet still attend in person and have the live experience if you like. Many past students recommend this option because they said could digest the material at their own pace online and then get direct feedback on their color work in the live class.

Are you ready to expand your knowledge of color, increase your sales
and become the “Go To” Color Expert in your area?

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