The New Yorker Tells Tales Of The Color Marketing Industry

This week, in The New Yorker (January 22, 2007), Eric Konigsberg’s feature Made in the Shade: How Wasabi Became the New Black and Other Tales from the Color Industry, captures the story of how the industry arrives at a color palette for everything from cars to kitchen appliances to medications.

Konigsberg followed my Color Marketing Group (CMG) colleague Leslie Harrington from the Spring 2006 CMG Conference in Denver, CO to suburban Dallas, TX as she worked with a siding company to resolve a color crisis.

Other CMG members that added their views include John Bredendoerder, Ken Charbonneau, Catherine Wunch, Jill Liebson, Robin Cullbreath, Melanie Wood, C.J. Volk, and Rebecca Ewing.