Color Marketing Group (CMG): An Association For Color Professionals

Color Marketing Group: An Association For Color ProfessionalsWhy Join CMG?
Trends and technology change so quickly that no one person alone can possibly research and understand all of the drivers and influences affecting how color is being used today and will be used in the future.

Unlike years ago, when there was a more predictable route for color trends to move from fashion to home, or from Europe to the U.S., color today is jumping across industries and crossing borders faster than ever before. Today a color that’s hot in automotive may be seen next season on the fashion runway, and a color that is considered a classic in India may suddenly be the lastest trend in the U.S.

Most color professionals focus on a particular industry, but with trends moving at lightening speed and new developments in color technology making just about anything possible, it is important to keep abreast of what is going on in not one industry, but all of them. This would be a daunting task if it weren’t for the insight and assistance I recieve from my Color Marketing Group colleagues.

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