Telia Wins Court Case On The Color Pink

Telia Wins Court Case On The Color PinkDeutsche Telekom parent company of T-mobile filed a lawsuit in the Danish court saying that Telia had no right to use the pink color magenta, because the German company has invested in building their branding around that color for many years.

The Danish Eastern Regional High Court ruled that Telia and DT don’t compete directly in the Danish market. They also said there was some doubt that they were using the same hue. The court to overturned the injunction DT sought against Telia and to add insult to injury slapped DT with an order to pay 1.5 million kroner ($316,188) to Telia for their court costs and attorneys’ fees. Ouch!

While you might not recognize Telia in the U.S. you might recall DT has regularly taken steps to keep competitors from using magenta in their branding. Recently I wrote about their run in with and earlier talked about their action against Intel.

Read the original article about the court ruling (translated into Engish) here…