Green and Red = Fresh

Green and Red = FreshBut is “Fresh” getting stale in retail?

Call it a twist in the re-tail in India as new entrants keep it too basic. New [grocery] retail players, Reliance, Heritage Foods and ITC , all rushing to book consumer mind space, have ended up making a chorus instead of separate clarion calls.

They’re all shouting Fresh! and are painting the town red and green in concert. Before experiential differentiators and brand personalities kick in, the retail revolution is banking on the old ‘fresh’ theme, and primary colors to foster mass appeal.

Call it flawed branding creativity but these companies unanimously argue that “Fresh” as a concept is inseparable from food retailing. It simply cannot be replaced with any other word. When it comes to colors too, they believe red and green mirror the values their stores represent – red for vibrancy and green for, what else, freshness.

So striking colors hasn’t really shown much diversity as the nascent modern retail infrastructure in India grapples with a whole lot of branding issues while seeking to be right up there with the Wal-Marts and Tescos of the western world.

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