Feng Shui Your Desk For Success

Many times we find ourselves in a work rut. Our desk becomes a cluttered mess that could not possibly foster productivity let alone, creativity. It can seem overwhelming to tackle. This is where Feng Shui can swoop in and save the day.

You may have heard of Feng Shui design and its ability to produce soothing, calming or even energizing spaces throughout your home. But, you may not know about Feng Shui’s amazing ability to change your productivity and even your prosperity at work. [Read more…]

Lip Color – Your Beyond Being Kissable Guide

When I was in college a friend and I while having dinner with her mom were having a meltdown about not completing our final project on time. She listened and knowing there was nothing for us to do but keep working wisely said,

“Go put some lipstick on. You’ll feel better.”

I’ve never forgotten those words and have followed them many, many times since that day because, thanks to the power of color, it work! Give it a try and see for yourself.

Wearing lip color can change how you feel about yourself but can it change how others feel about you? Studies show it can. Many thoughts about lip color sprang to mind when I was recently interviewed by an editor at Cosmopolitan magazine for an upcoming article. From those thoughts I put together the quick lip color guide you will find below.

Your Beyond Being Kissable Lip Color Guide

On a first date, are there any ideal lip colors for a woman to wear that cause attraction?

Red is the clear choice for a woman wanting to be seen as attractive. Several studies have shown that men find women who wear red lipstick more attractive and hold their attention longer. Wearing red lipstick also boost a woman’s confidence and men(and other women) report finding confidence in a woman sexy.

What about when you’re interviewing for a new job? Is there a color to wear that signals confidence, dependability, etc.?

Harness the attention-getting qualities of red but temper it to give you a shade that says all business. The right toned-down red for you whether merlot, plum or deep coral shows composure, confidence, and a sense of style. A red-based color draws the eye and focuses the interviewer’s attention on your lips and thus what you are saying. And don’t forget to show off your smile.

What about when you’re out and want to make new friends/be social? What should you wear on your lips to signal you’re fun and inviting?

Light up your face with the lip color that matches your personality. Bright pink says you’re fun loving and have the ability bring out the best in other. Orange shades tell the world you are inventive and the life of the party. Subtle taupe or nude shades come across as warm, genuine, conservative and down-to-earth. Want to be seen as someone who is unique or different? Try an offbeat color such as blue, green or even yellow if you can pull it off.

How to think about your lip color for every occasion in life.

Important presentation or speaking gig color your lips as you would for a job interview.

Hostess for a charity event? Court the donors like you were on a first date.

Even casual occasions like a BBQ or sporting event give your lips a chance to say you’re ready for fun with your choice of lip color and a smile.

You get the idea.

Your Most Flattering Colors

Although most women have many flattering colors there are three lip color essentials that cover every occasion and every color in your wardrobe:

1. your true red

2. a subtle red such as red/orange (coral) or red/blue (merlot), and

3. a fun/friendly pink or peach.

When selecting your go-to lip colors take your time and find the colors that work best with your hair and skin tones. A color consultant specializing in beauty and fashion can help you if you have a difficult time judging for yourself.

Red Fire Chicken Chinese Astrological Predictions

2017 Chinese New Year is arriving on January 28, 2017, and originally I was going to share the colors associated with Chinese new year and their meanings. Instead, in light of what has been going on here in the U.S. in the past week, I thought you would enjoy hearing about the Chinese predictions for the upcoming 12 months and the colors specific to 2017.

Chinese Astrological Predictions For 2017

There are many, many predictions offered online and the first two sentences in astrologer Eugenia Last’s predictions are an excellent summary of what I’ve read elsewhere: [Read more…]

Color Elicits Mood In Design

Given all of the elements that comprise any design project – composition, color, lighting, function, shape, texture – one of the most vexing tasks a designer must tackle is communicating the mood. Mood can be elusive, and it can be hard to evoke with precision and consistency, but there’s one tactic that can make the job easier: the deliberate, careful use of color.

The colors play a major role in setting the mood. In general, high-key schemes — those that are mainly in the color range from mid-tone hues to white — have a light, upbeat tone. Low-key schemes — those that employ the range of colors from mid-tone to black — send a more dramatic message.

In order to better understand the role of high and low key color in creating mood, it’s useful to examine several different examples that demonstrate the broad scope of emotion that can be evoked by the skillful use of color. Let’s look at several examples of moods and see how high and low key colors work in them. [Read more…]

8 Ways Colors Can Help You Reach Your Goals

Do you a list of goals you would like to achieve? If so, I’m here to support you with colors to help you stay motivated. Colors can positively affect your level of motivation and that can keep you moving towards your goals. Here are my quick tips for choosing colors that can help you to start and stick with your resolutions to make positive changes in your life.

Winning Colors To Help You Reach Your Goals

1. Get fit and stay healthy: Wearing red will make you more productive when doing an activity as it represents the color of physicality, which stimulates muscular movement and strength. Green will boost your mood and decrease your perception of the exertion level, making you more likely to exercise and to exercise more vigorously. Winning colors: red & green! [Read more…]

2017 Color Of The Year

Color of the Year 2017

The Color of the Year buzz begins mid-summer and builds until early December when it reaches a color frenzy in the media and social-sphere.

One by one companies reveal their Color of the Year to the press as well as post and boast about it on their websites. PPG and AkzoNobel are usually first followed by Sherwin-Williams, Benjamin Moore and finally Pantone.

Each company shares details about how they chose their color, which includes research, observation, travel, trade shows and much debate. It’s a process I’m intimately familiar with having been part of trend forecasting teams for several different corporations in the past.

Having an insider’s view means that I look at these colors a bit differently. Most people see the color and give it a thumbs up or thumbs down. Some start to find color combinations that will work with the hue and others hunt for products in the latest color. Not me. Before I begin thinking about the design possibilities I want to know the reasons behind their choice.

Why so much interest in the reasons? Because the two most important questions a designer can ask about any trend color are: [Read more…]

Productive Palette: How Color Can Influence Workplace Behavior

You might blame a lack of motivation at work on the previous night’s sleep or the project you’re on or a droning series of meetings. But what about color? The color that surrounds you during your work day plays a bigger part in your productivity than you might imagine. The reason why is that color has a profound effect on the brain, causing it to feel tranquil or depressed, hungry or excited. [Read more…]

Basic Colors – The Eleven Words That Describe All Colors

Basic colors

If you’re curious about colors and their meanings, cultural significance, and physiological effects, you’re likely to notice that – for the English language – we tend to talk about eleven basic colors: red, blue, green, yellow, orange, purple, pink, brown, black, gray, and white. [Read more…]

Color Palette, Palate Or Pallet?

Color palette, cup of colored pencils and a small chalkboardTime For A Pop Quiz

Choose the correct word for the following sentence — When I get back from vacation, I’m going to use my photos to inspire a new color palette / pallet / palate for re-decorating my home office.​ [Read more…]

FRESH Home Exterior Color FREE Ebooks

{FRESH} Color For Your Home Exterior EbooksIf you are thinking about making a change to your home’s exterior and want to make sure you choose the best colors
you’ve come to the right place

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Color by Numbers: Alfred Hickethier Color Theory

Color can be subtle. It can be vibrant. It can be puzzling, maddening, and elusive. Color can be polarizing, leading us to proclaim our affection for or dislike of a given hue. But one thing we can all agree on is that color is difficult to talk about. Color resists our attempts to understand, explain, and describe it. In fact, for hundreds of years great thinkers have devised various methods and means of understanding color and the relationships between and among the various hues. [Read more…]

Easter Egg Color Wheel

Egg Dyeing With Food Coloring Recipe

To make it easy for you to achieve the best results I have put together illustrated step-by-step instructions​ of exactly how to dye eggs with food coloring. Enter your information by clicking the button above and I’ll send the instructions right out to you.

Egg Dyeing With Food Coloring Recipe Preview 800