Kate Smith At The Fall Home & Garden Show The Woodlands, TX

The Woodlands Home & Garden Show

{FRESH} Color Schemes for Your Home Exerior
Sunday 12:30 pm AM740 KTRH Green Stage

Every house is unique. Even within the same neighborhood, each home has distinct features along with a different family living inside.

In Kate’s new eBook {FRESH} Color Schemes For Your Home Exterior you’ll discover a step-by-step approach for selecting colors to complement the distinctive qualities of your home.

You’ll see how I use the FRESH approach for color selections, working from the “top down” to establish eye-pleasing color themes and how you can use it, too. Once you understand the process, you’ll discover that your home itself can point you in the right direction for enhancing the exterior with an eye-please color palette. And, best of all a FRESH exterior color scheme will add more curb appeal, resale value and day-to-day enjoyment to your home.

Each person that attends will receive a copy of the eBook {FRESH} Color Schemes For Your Home Exterior at no cost.

Bring your color questions and visit with Kate One-on-One
Saturday: 1pm – 3pm
Sunday: 2pm – 3pm

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